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TurnKii is a pay-per-service property management platform, connecting you to new customers and more jobs, automatically.

Earn more money

We are working around the clock to bring you more business, so you don't have to. Set your own rates based on personal skills, certifications, and schedule.

Save Time

TurnKii will schedule, organize and invoice your jobs. Let this be the end of staggered schedules and miscommunications that make you lose time and money.

Immediate Payment

No more hassling customers for overdue payments. TurnKii will deposit earnings directly into your account when the job is complete.

Get Ahead

Don't get lost on some directory website. We want to work one-on-one with your business. We can learn from each other and grow together.

How it works

TurnKii is designed to generate a consistent client base and income stream for you and your business. Don’t end up on a directory competing with an unlimited supply of contractors and maintenance professionals

When we have successfully connected your business to paying customers, TurnKii typically receives 15% from the cost of each completed service.


TurnKii clients are property managers and landlords who require professional assitance for skilled jobs


When clients have an issue at their property they will contact TurnKii with a detailed work order outlining the job


As a TurnKii Professional you are contacted directly with any project that fits your criteria (area, skills, schedule)


When the job is completed TurnKii immediatly sends the full payment to your account. No hassles collecting from past clients

We have created TurnKii to help you grow your business

It costs nothing to use our platform and we do all the legwork!

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